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5 Tips For A Successful Online Dating Profile

Follow the tips below to find the right partner through an optimal online dating profile.

No matter if you want to find the love of your life or just someone to flirt with, you should present yourself as interesting as possible.

It is important to create a profile that distinguishes itself from the masses while keeping a natural and authentic appearance.

#1 Never forgo the profile photo

Profiles without a photo are often overlooked on dating sites, as everyone wants to know who they are dealing with before they initiate contact.

Thus, photos play an important role and should be chosen very carefully.

Ideally, they should be current and show your best self  in a natural pose.

Snapshots of you in daring outfits at your last party are an absolute taboo. So are photos of your pet or car.

Selfies in front of the mirror, where your phone is visible taking the picture, are equally unfavorable.

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#2 No lies or exaggerations

Everyone likes making him or herself a little younger, slimmer or blonder. However on the first date the truth will come out.

If you don't want to be perceived a playboy or swindler you should absolutely stick with the truth.

If you are slightly overweight, struggling with pimples or thinning hair, make sure you do not hide it. Be yourself and you will be glad when you connect with someone who will love you for you.

People who are honest accept their weaknesses and are able to face them with a sense of humor are usually perceived as particularly likeable and open. If you try to be seemingly perfect, you run the risk of scaring away potential matches.

#3 Do not set the bar too high

If the details you reveal on your profile about your dream partner are too unrealistic, don't wonder if your email inbox stays empty.

Your desired traits should always be realistic – don't overdo it. Of course, you may mention traits that you find particularly important. The same goes for hobbies you'd like your potential partner to follow in order to create a common basis.

However, we recommend refraining from searching for people on a specific salary level or with a dream figure. Furthermore, please refrain from arrogance or cockiness, as it is not appealing.

#4 Choose an intriguing user name

Your user name tells a lot about you and should therefore be chosen wisely.

If you name yourself “glamor girl” or “hungry wolf” without thinking too much, people may get a completely wrong impression of your personality. As a result, you will attract people with whom you don't match at all.

Important: Your user name should always be appealing and be associated with positive images.

If you have difficulty coming up with ideas at all, simply choose a combination between your name, your birth date and your place of residence. That's much better than a user name that doesn't suit you at all.

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#5 Emphasize your own interests and preferences

In most cases, people don't put enough importance on listing their true “hobbies”.

If you just write “reading” and “listening to music”, you might be perceived as boring right at first sight. Of course, it is a good thing to reveal your passion for reading and music. Instead try writing something like "I am just reading Paolo Coelho and am completely fascinated" or "Eminem's concert truly was a blast" sound much more fun and appealing.

This helps potentially interested users find topics of discussion right for the first contact.

Conclusion: Find the ideal partner by using a good and creative profile

Be diligent when creating your profile.

Ill-thought out statements or unfavorable photos can quickly lead to your profile attracting the wrong target group or no one at all.

To avoid this, try showing the completed profile to your best friend or a good buddy. You may find that their opinion can be very helpful.

Loved ones are often best placed to judge whether or not statements and pictures in the profile really reflect a user's personality.